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Artists in Residence
Eames Demetrios (2007) | Phoebe Brush (2008) | Maria Arango (2008)

Artists in Residence 2009
Scott Ludwig | Jeff Eisenberg | Keith Conley | Eve Andre Laramee | 
David Sanchez BurrRichard Vosseller
Craig Colorusso
| Andrea Polli & Chuck Varga

Artists in Residence 2010
Raymond Ghirardo & Megan Roberts
| Lisa Elmaleh | Cedar Lorca Nordbye | Yulia Pinkusevich |
Paul Catanese
| Matt Sargent & Chris Kallymer |

Eames Demetrios
California, USA
Kymerican plaque, 2006

Rhyolite's District of Shadows

Kymaerican Rhyolite Audio Tour

Principal of the Eames Office, filmmaker, author, design consultant, photographer, and creator of alternate realities, Eames Demetrios uses his varied talents in much the same way his iconic grandparents Charles and Ray Eames did, to communicate ideas through visual languages.

Eames Demetrios has worn a number of different hats since graduating from Harvard Film School, including multimedia work, consulting, exhibition design, and ten years as director of the Eames Office, spearheading the successful re-discovery of the Charles and Ray Eames design heritage by a new generation. He also designed the Powers of Ten Interactive CD-ROM and the Powers of Ten Exhibition a traveling, site-specific exhibition which went to 9 different museums in 3 countries.

His current large-scale project showcases yet another side of Demetrios work. Kymaerica is a multi-pronged and ongoing reinterpretation of the North American landscape and has been underway for several years. Manifestations include writings, video, performances, images, installation, limited edition prints, and more. It may be the largest installation of environmental fiction in the world.










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